Club FM

It’ll always be Club FM to me. I’ve seen more crazy shit happen on the thousands of Club FM decks around the nation (actually mostly just the ones around my neighbourhood) than I’ve ever seen permitted in the more traditional licensed venues anywhere I’ve been. At 8am it’s been judgemental, instrumental, excremental…  by the next day non-judgmental, elemental, quite forgetful… always everybody’s welcome…

It would seem the chain has had a facelift. Nothing’s changed except the name. Everything  is just the same. Now though it’s called CvU Mart, or something like that. There are snappy catch-phrases on the walls… “CU soon”, “CU later”…

It took about three seconds for someone to start scrawling the letters “NT”, in variously non-random places around the walls of my local. Clearly the culprit was a patriot, demonstrating undying affection for Australia’s Northern Territory, Canada’s Northwest Territories, the UK’s National Trust, Yugoslavian genius Nikola Tesla… What other possible reason would someone scrawl the letters “NT” in addition to the newly named CU Mart?

It’ll always be Club FM to me.

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