Useful Information for Newcomers

Luckily this morning my wife was given yet another informative pamphlet entitled “How much do you know about Korea?” containing all kinds of interesting facts about Korea, and printed in English (or something close) for our convenience.

Ok, so what new things have we learned from the helpful grirls at ‘Myungil Grirls High School’?

  1. “The capital of the country is Seoul, with a population of about 5007 million people” (roughly 70 percent of the human race).
  2. “Korea is the only divided country” (given this happened about 60 years ago, we can only assume that the USSR, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Sudan… are alive and well).
  3. There is now a picture of PSY on absolutely everything, no matter how irrelevant.
  4. On the list of five useful words and phrases to know in Korean (the first being ‘Hello’), number 4 is ‘I have a headache’, (just before ‘Thank you’, sneaking in at number 5).
  5. Maps of Korea must not draw attention to the fact that it is actually two very different countries, and (as is customary) the map should for some reason be surrounded by pictures of food, with names (to tourists, those new to the country, or whatever demographic this pamphlet was aimed at) that are completely unpronounceable.

I’m not even going to get started on what’s on the other side of this thing. Gotta hand it to the Myungil grirls though. If this was some kind of homework assignment, the production values were pretty good.


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