If Koreans had Guns…

Before coming to Korea I imagined a lot of people bowing respectfully to each other, and quietly and studiously going about their business. Inwardly they would possess a collective sense of serenity born of something called Confucianism, which was a bunch of very wise philosophical life lessons passed down through the millennia by wise old men with long wispy beards.

It is, I came to realise, pretty much nothing like that at all. Korean life is an ultra-competitive, sleep deprived, alcohol fuelled social cocktail that sometimes erupts (understandably enough) into random acts of manic aggression. It is, in my opinion extremely fortunate that Koreans do not have guns. There are lots of other ways to go berserk at random strangers though. For example, there are a surprising number of videos that go something along the lines of this…


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