Winter… and Video of Koreans doing what they do Best… Not Giving In

Ok… So, it has been brought to my attention through the magic of Facebook that it is snowing outside. At a rough guess, I would estimate that at this moment (and for the last few hours) there are more people in Seoul posting pictures of snow to Facebook than there are people actually looking out the window at snow (there is no need for you to point out the irony of my sitting here posting this, thanks).

I don’t know why snow is so fascinating, but it is. Personally I like that bit where it’s really pretty falling from the sky, or first thing in the morning, before we collectively turn it into cold brown sludge.

Anyway, since it’s that time of the year when we all get to share that fantastic photo of Christopher Walken (in a Winter Wonderland… I love that one), I’ll make my contribution now.

If you watch this video very carefully, these vehicles are moving. Maybe sideways, or backward, but moving. I love the way these guys just refuse to give in, no matter how ridiculous the situation. They just keep spinning their wheels until something happens… or doesn’t. Must…Get…To…Work…


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