Just for the Hell of it… North Korean Women, with Guns!!

North Korean Women with Guns… loads of ’em!

Just for a bit of light entertainment, because I’ve been too busy/lazy to… anyway…

Family and friends have been messaging and calling lately, from Australia, Europe and North America, concerned for our safety during this latest apparent “nuclear crisis”. To alleviate any current concerns, please watch the following video presentation, entitled, “Funky Juche Party”. This one ain’t new, but hey, I ask ya, how could you not have a good time living next door to these groovy cats?

Just so you all know, there is actually slightly more talk and conjecture here on the peninsula recently, not least because the leaders of the two Koreas are both the children of former dictators and are both quite new to their respective positions.

Here in central Seoul however, we are assured (probably) that any potential attack from the North would be convential (as oppsosed to nuclear), meaning we have the added luxury of approximately 14 seconds in which to kiss our asses goodbye before being instantly and painlessly vapourised (if you happen to be as lucky as I am to live 300 metres from a major American military base.

Do not worry, dear friends. We have it on reasonable advice that the status quo remains the most desirable option for all concerned, except of course for perhaps 20 million hapless North Korean citizens (who of course don’t have any say in this)…

So, here’s another funny video of young North Korean women marching with machine guns (if you happen to be into that sort of thing). I like (as does the person who made this clip apparently) the flirtatious looking woman sitting with her friends – the one in the middle (you know, the one who appears about 37 times) – even my wife thinks she’s cute. Those few seconds of that lady pretending she doesn’t know she’s being filmed have appeared in dozens of videos… I wonder if there’s any chance in the world she knows she’s famous. Anyhoo…


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