Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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How to Eat Free for a Year (and get arrested like...

Recently a story went viral about an unnamed South African man who posed for a year as a KFC executive. This particular individual with...

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News Journalism: Omani Style

The Khashoggi Problem

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A holiday in Iran

The world is a scary place. That's what I keep hearing anyway, and right now, the omnipresent threat to my personal safety, freedom, employment,...

‘This Isn’t Happening’. Prostitution in Korea. Does it actually exist?

A young Korean friend asked for a little help with a short essay he had written for his university English class. We chatted over...

The World’s Worst Mass Murderers

By this title I don't mean of course to speak of people who decided for whatever reason to go on a killing spree but...

Christmas in Oman

It may not shock to hear that life in the Middle east is a touch different to that in the west. We all know...

I had a White People Problem in Africa

I finally stepped out of the airport, breathed the fresh air and looked up at big, blue African skies. Three seconds later I lowered my gaze and...

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