Aliens from Planet Gootan: Crisis Alert!!

The arrival date has once more been pushed forward... to March 2013.

              It came to my attention a while back that quite a few people are interested in the ongoing developments regarding the arrival of aliens from Planet Gootan. In order to learn more about the looming intergalactic crisis, thousands of Earth citizens have wisely chosen Peninsularity Ensues as their Continue reading

What the Hell is going on at the Korea Times?

Aliens from Gootan

Yep, the hardworking folks over at the Korea┬áTimes, that supposedly real (just ask them) national newspaper, have done it again! Actually, to be more accurate, this one came first. In January 2012 the English/Korean-language online edition of the unintentionally hilarious rag, using The Weekly World News as it’s source, warned of the arrival of the Continue reading