World’s Spammiest Blog Post Gains Most Readers Ever

After years of extensive research, consulting and collaborating with the world’s finest universities, think tanks, witch-doctors, and smashing a few particles beneath the Franco-Swiss border (for good measure), the thousands of dedicated staff here at Peninsularity Ensues may now reveal for the first time that people tend to like sex.

In an effort to use this stunning new insight into the human condition to our own advantage, in addition to related research suggesting that 98.8% of all conceivable internet domain names are reserved for pornography, the Peninsularity team have developed and unveiled a groundbreaking new policy.

All future posts are to contain the words ‘sex’, ‘free sex’, or something similar, at least four times, thereby attracting drunk, lonely (and ultimately disappointed) readers from around the globe.

An initial trial of the new policy commenced a few days ago. The post, entitled “Sex Sex Itaewon Hooker Night Sex Itaewon. Sex!” was a resounding success. Utilising the networking powers of Facebook, and the search engine Google’s 83,000 requests per second for sex, the post spread like wildfire across four continents within moments, attracting literally hundred of hits, easily becoming the most widely read blog post on this particular site during that particular 24 hour period.

Due to a few minor unforeseen hitches (we just need to figure out how to stop people warning their Facebook friends to change their passwords because of an insidious new spam threat doing the rounds), Peninsularity Ensues has slightly revised its anticipated timeline for total Korean internet domination. We understand it may take several more hours, or even days, to eclipse and annihilate the followings of other, inferior websites, such as The Marmot, Grand Narrative, Gusts, Monster Island, Dokdo Times, Seoul Sub-urban, Eat Your Kimchi, Chris, Brian, Metropolitition, ROK Drop, Roboseyo, 3WM, Blackout Korea, et al.

In the meantime, we are proud to announce that we have almost certainly broken into the top 100 K-blogs to have commenced operations during the last four weeks. Thank you for your continued support.

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