Korean Ajumma Secretly Training and Indoctrinating Foreigners!

Seoul subway ajumma Photo: Three Wise Monkeys

A disturbing video has emerged of a secret ajumma training facility in Yeosu, South Korea. The short video reveals for the first time how these women learn various skills necessary for their craft. The ajumma are clearly observed here, practicing ancient maneuvers involving the strategic use of knees and elbows; skills they will employ with devastating effect in shopping centers and on the Seoul subway. The video also provides clues as to how the ajumma acquire their super-strength.

Even more worrisome however is the revelation that the ajumma are now beginning to share their secrets with foreigners! Here they can be clearly seen, smiling and encouraging a small foreign girl. The indoctrination has begun. Moments later another, older foreign female can be seen joining the group, as if in a trance, her movements entirely under ajumma control.

When approached about the dangers of openly displaying their ancient powers in front of an innocent, impressionable three-year-old foreign girl, one ajumma, on condition of anonymity, stated, ‘I don’t see what all the fuss is about. And anyway, in Korea a three-year-old girl is seven’.


  1. I loved watching your daughter do this along with the Ajummas…Be careful she may be indoctrinated. Love your blog keep it comin’

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