Happy Merry!!! (and a Frosty Cold Beer)…

Frosty Cold Beer
Frosty Cold Beer

Have a good day everybody, wherever you are. Stay warm, or cool, and spare a moment of quiet reflection for someone who may, or may not have died for your particular sins (depending on your own particular cultural and familial upbringing), whose birthday (whenever that may have been) many of us celebrate on this day.

In honour of this special day, the staff and families of Peninsularity Ensues’ Northern Hemisphere headquarters (for something entirely different) shall be gathering with friends in Seoul, South Korea for a performance of Handel’s Messiah and Christian mass (this is as much information as we have at this moment… all we know is that it’s not a Catholic mass because for some reason Catholics are not Christians in Korea…).

To level the field, we shall be joining an entirely different group of friends later in the diurnal cycle for decidedly secular libations and merriment. Details to follow. Have a great day!


  1. Cheers Adam,
    Same to you and stay cool! (Assuming you’re the only Adam I know (and one of about three people I’ve met) who might address me as ‘Sir’, I can only assume it’s not -12 degrees over there where you are…) 🙂

  2. Is that the patio at Jacoby’s or at Club FM? Or maybe that place that used to be owned by that Kiwi (Can’t remember the name…ohmygawd! I seriously can’t remember the name of that place, where you tried to teach me the rules of cricket. Well, I guess the booze I drank there did it’s job then.)

  3. You mean Phillies? Ah, remembering the name isn’t so important… as long as you remember the rules of cricket. I think that beer was across the street, on the porch out the back of Indigo.

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