North Korea and Pizza

There has been speculation in the news these last couple of days that North Korea may be planning its third underground nuclear test sometime soon. This is based on some grainy satellite imagery, two past nuclear tests (2006, 2009) which both occurred shortly after international sanctions were slapped on Pyongyang for doing bad, bad things (which apparently doesn’t seem to achieve much except nuclear explosions), and a whole bunch of North Korea experts who repeatedly and emphatically keep stating that nobody actually knows what the fuck is going on up there.

Anyway, as the United States totters toward the fiscal cliff whilst trying not to bang its head too hard on the debt ceiling, some enterprising number-crunchers have put some perspective to the whole North Korea threat, pointing out an interesting thing North Korea (specifically its GDP) shares with America’s annual consumption of pizza… their net value is the same! Interesting stuff (if it’s true – I haven’t checked the math on this)…

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