Winter in Seoul… and a Korean Mystery

Ok… So, it has been brought to my attention through the magic of Facebook that it is snowing here in Seoul. I guess I could have just looked out the window, but you know… these days. I reckon at this moment more people are posting pictures of snow than there are people just looking out the window. So, I went to the window and saw this (there’s no need to point out the irony of my sitting here posting this, thanks).

I don’t know why snow is so fascinating, but it is. Even my Russian and Canadian friends find it wondrous… at least for the first few minutes, until brutal reality steps in. As an Australian, I think it’s great!

Since it’s that time of the year when Sleigh-bells are ringing, and all that crap, and when we all get to share that photo of Christopher Walken (in a Winter Wonderland… I love that one), here’s my seasonal contribution.

If you watch this video very carefully, these vehicles are moving. Maybe sideways, or backward, but moving. Koreans just refuse to give in, no matter how ridiculous the situation. They’ll just keep spinning their wheels until something happens… or doesn’t. Must…Get…To…Work…

And now… the mystery. If you watch the video above, you can clearly notice at taxi, whose professional driver navigates comparatively easily over the ice.

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