Shit, this guy is too funny… Here’s what the North Koreans really said.


A friend gave me a hand to translate the hilarious new North Korean “documentary” featured here. 

Best to watch the video while reading this. It’s… well, I got a laugh.

(0.11) Lately in America, Europe and capitalist countries, the gulf between the rich and poor is widening still further, fuelled not in small part by racial discrimination.

(0.20) The normal people are so poor and hungry… they are anxious, are suffering and in fear.

Caption (0.29) – Western countries have so many homeless people.

(0.38) Heavy snow falls everywhere, but there is no shelter for many people.

(0.50) Last year in America during Hurricane Sandy, many people lost their homes and remain homeless to this day. Conditions are freezing in the streets.

(1.02) After the hurricane, on the east side of America many people are now living in tents.

(1.13) The politicians don’t care about these people – they only care about the next election. The last American election has now finished, though the politicians still don’t care. The people were told that the problems would be solved after the election, though nothing has changed.

(1.30) This is Wisconsin, in the Mid-west of the United States. It has been a severe winter with heavy snowfalls and the temperature is –10 degrees.

(1.42) Many people have no jobs and cannot afford housing, so they now live on the street.

(1.56) The people really, desperately wish and hope to find jobs. This is all they can think of.

(2.03) Here in America there are 1,500,000 homeless children wandering the streets.

(2.13) Not only in America, but also in Europe there are major problems.

(2.20) This is Bucharest, Romania. Many of the homeless people live near the subway stations, where volunteer groups provide them with one piece of bread. There are long queues. The people stand in the bread line from early morning.

(2.40) Of two million people in this city, 5,000 homeless people live in the subway stations.

(2.48) The homeless wander the city, scrounging food where they can.

(2.55) In the time of socialism, all people had homes and jobs… now these people miss these things.

(3.02) In Romania, around 300 people die each winter due to hunger and exposure to the elements, and diseases resulting from such circumstances. This is the result of capitalism.

(3.15) Also in Budapest, Hungary, there are numerous hungry people in the streets with no shelter. They cover themselves with whatever they can. There are shelters available, though not enough to provide for everyone, thus they are in the street.

(3.35) There are a great many tourists in the city, though even in the daytime, the homeless people have no shame and lie in the streets with nowhere to go. This country has no plan and cannot solve its problems.

(3.47) Here in Budapest there are at least 1,500 homeless people, wandering the streets.

(3.59) Their country gave them two official places of shelter, though there is far greater demand than what these two facilities can provide.

(4.12) The foreign press states that capitalism provides sufficient welfare, but there are limits to what can be provided, and these countries cannot solve the problems of the chronic disease, which is the inequitable distribution of wealth.


  1. Love it, some how I missed the video! Is that Bob de Niro in the shot just before the telephones? Big fan of your writing, mate.

  2. Cheers Kman, um… yeah, sorry… the video is linked in the first line or two – just click on the title of the post, then at the link in the text.

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