Serious Journalism you may have Missed


This hilarious four-minute piece of inspirational investigative reporting out of North Korea finally shows the true state of the United States of America and its impoverished, downtrodden masses. No longer shall the evil chicanery of Hollywood movies and broadcasts of people displaying staged acts of health, wealth and happiness fool the outside world.

We now finally know the Americans have devoured all bird-life (this is customarily done on Tuesdays for some reason) and have resorted to eating snow, and thankfully the donations of food aid (in the form of cake) from the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of (North) Korea.

By the way, this clip should be enjoyed for the hilarity in which it was intended. The dull-voiced British man providing the “translation” was… not.

Please enjoy, before the impending nuclear apocalypse.

(Actual translation of this North Korean reportage is here…)

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