Thank you friends… and thank you Korea!!!

Dear everybody,

We’ve had an amazing run here on the wackiest peninsula of them all, and had a great time recently writing this silly blog (big thanks to the Kim Dynasty up the street for being a bottomless well of cheap comedy material).

Our time has come though, and after 7-odd people years my family and I are moving to the Sultanate of Oman.

We love peninsula life, as is well known by the thous… dozens of people who’ve read the ‘about’ page of this blog. It really is cool to live life on the edge! …of something or other. Anyway, we’re off this time to the Arabian Peninsula. It just kinda worked out that way, which is lucky.

It’s been a touch difficult explaining our forthcoming move to a couple of our Korean friends and aquaintainces. We’ve learned recently that, whereas everybody has heard of Saudi Arabia, Oman is not quite as well known. One or two of my recent conversations have gone like this…

‘We’re moving’.

‘Really? Where?’



‘We’re moving to 50,000’.


‘It’s near Saudi Arabia’.

‘You’re going to make 50,000 in Saudi Arabia?’

‘No… we’re going to Oman’.


‘50,000. It’s near Saudi’.


‘We’re moving to Dubai’.


‘Yep! Sooo… who’s on first?


You get the gist. Anyway, we’re off in a week and since Korea has been such a big part of our lives for the better part of the last decade, I’ll keep writing about all crazy things Korean. And as soon as we know something about the next gig, I’ll be whinging about that too.






  1. Holy crap, that’s quite an announcement! I hope you guys love it in Oman. I will look you up if I’m ever going to be thereabouts. As for the humorous blogging, (which I have enjoyed greatly!) I am sure you’ll find plenty of subjects for satire in your new location. Give us a shout if/when your new blog is up!

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