Haebangchon: The Movie!!!

Haebangchon... before the gangsters took over. Photo: Peninsularity

Of course, it’s baffling as to why nobody made a movie about Haebangchon (that has pretty much nothing to do with life in Haebangchon) sooner, but it has finally been done and the filmmaker’s groundbreaking unconventional approach has definitely piqued my interest.

This upcoming action/thriller won’t be criticised (unlike so many before it) for revealing every thrilling, action-packed moment in the trailer. In fact, so confident are the people behind Haebangchon, they have decided to keep us all in suspense by releasing a trailer that contains almost no action at all, and thrills that have redefined the boundaries of subtlety.

Though this is not a big budget film, little expense was spared on the lead actors, most of whom graduated with honours from the prestigous Christopher Walken School of Weird Phrasing.

Also, the film’s realistic depiction of Haebangchon life must have taken years of painstaking research by the director, whose attention to detail is simply breathtaking. I will always fondly remember my five years living in Haebangchon. Often were the times, when I wasn’t drinking makgeolli at the Family/CU Mart (or occasionally going to work), when I had to run for my life from sword-wielding Korean gangsters bent on taking over the massive multinational Haebangchon marijuana trade. Ah, those were the days.

Haebangchon... before the gangsters took over. Photo: Peninsularity
Haebangchon… before the gangsters took over.
Photo: Peninsularity

Haebangchon. Coming soon to a computer near me. I really am looking forward to this one.


  1. Also, I am really excited about the amazing ensemble cast. I especially like the guy who sort of resembles Bill Duke, (“Mac” in *Predator*) but shorter.

  2. they had to wait for all the people they were going to make depictions of to leave the country first, so that they didn’t have to A) give them money or B) risk getting punched in the face.

  3. wow so my memories of this amazing place where I used to live is now just home to stank hoes dope heads and gangsters ..truly sad ,,,,in my day this wouldn’t be tolerated no gangsters and no dope and the hooker were by the mammoth hotel or hooker hill in itewon …the hbc I lived in had real folks living there ….judging by the comments the people excited about this movie are the same scum that moved in and ruined the place …birds of a feather thing ….well its truly sad I miss the korea that would string your ass up if you were the dope man …….they have gotten soft tolerating hoodlums moving in stinking up the place peddling their dope and such…..come on r.o.k. get back to the basics run this trash out clean your streets up don’t allow this garbage to infect you ….

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