Merry Christmas!

Christmas in Australia (as celebrated by non-Australians Photo:

A couple of weeks ago billions of people around the world celebrated having a day off, in honour of the birth of Jesus Christ. Some of these people actually celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ, a prominent historical figure whose date of birth remains unknown, but was quite possibly sometime in April, about four or five years BC (yeah, I don’t get it either).

A number of Eastern Orthodox countries however, such as Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Serbia, Montenegro, Moldova and Ethiopia, whose churches follow the old (unrevised) Julian Calendar, celebrate Christmas on January 7. Armenia, apparently the first country to celebrate Christmas (!) does this on January 6.

Christmas in Serbia. Photo: Andrej Isakovic / AFP / Getty Images
Christmas in Serbia.
Photo: Andrej Isakovic / AFP / Getty Images

So… though I write this from one of the thirty-odd countries that doesn’t celebrate Christmas at all, my six-year-old Serbian-Australian daughter (who recently turned eight in her birth country of South Korea) is today celebrating her fourteenth Christmas.

As Douglas Adams so wisely noted, “Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so“. So, here’s wishing you yet another fine Christmas lunch, wherever and whenever you are.



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