Chinese glamour star shows off her hotness: The Korea Times

Pan Chunchun, Chinese glamour model Photo: Weibo

Ok, so this Korea Times headline isn’t as good as last week’s ‘Woman gets totally hot by sickest car woofer stereo‘, but then again, it’ll be a long time before I see a better ‘World News’ headline than that one, if ever.

This one is very special though. Aside from being completely ridiculous and having nothing whatsoever to do with news, this particular article (defying logic, reason and all expectations) has set a new benchmark for the Korea Times.

For the very first time (as far as I know) a national newspaper ‘article’ has managed to convey 100 percent of the actual information within its seven-word headline. This is no easy feat.

Non-Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Cho Hyun-eui, in this 57-word piece, has succinctly explained that a photo of a hot Chinese model in lingerie does in fact depict a hot Chinese model in lingerie who is indeed showing off her hotness.

Here’s Cho’s in-depth analysis, as printed in today’s Korea Times.


A Chinese glamour star drew much attention with her sexy photo.

Model Pan Chunchun uploaded a photo of herself in a see-through dress on Weibo on Feb. 16. Not only her outfit but also her black lingerie caught people’s eyes.

After Pan Chunchun made her debut as a lingerie model, she is gaining
popularity in China.


I thought this was an important story to share with you all, for a couple of reasons. First, this is clearly a picture of hot Chinese woman wearing a totally see-through dress. More importantly however is the fact that this story is, as I write, ranked ‘Number 1’ on the KT’s current list of ‘Top Stories’. This shit not only qualifies as ‘World News’, but is also the Korea Times’ most read thing today (which admittedly speaks volumes about not only the KT but also it’s esteemed readers, including myself – hey, of course I clicked on this… it’s the Top Story!).

And why is this information worth sharing with you? Well, I’m glad you asked. The Korea Times has, for well over a year now, been advertising staff positions for ‘Experienced reporters wanted’. So, if you’re tired of your hagwon job, or just want to try something new and exciting, why not contact the KT. Just tell them that you’re an experienced journalist (I don’t see how this could possibly backfire).

Oops, sorry, scratch that. I just re-read the advert. While its clear that the KT writers don’t need to know how to write, apparently there is a prerequisite of mediocrity in two languages. Kyopo friends… do you feel like you’re in a rut? Wanna try a new and exciting career? No experience necessary!!


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