Your Maid Might try to Escape, Saudi Police Warn

Don't let your maid out of the house. Photo: Getty Images

With the holy month of Ramadan about to commence, Saudi police have warned citizens to keep a close eye on their maids, who may attempt to escape in search of a higher salary, Arab News reported.

“Nawaf Al-Bouk, Jeddah police spokesman… advised sponsors [of the dangers of] giving them a cell phone of their own to use throughout the day or allowing them to go out into the street alone to avoid the possibility of someone trying to contact them,” the article states.

The use of the word ‘escape’ (seven times) in the article is perhaps indicative of the plight of many Saudis, who are burdened with the task of watching their ungrateful slaves domestic workers, many of whom attempt to abscond each year before Ramadan. Because of increased demand during the holy month, maids can command tremendous salaries, sometimes in excess of SR2,000 ($533).

In a related article, Saudis also expressed frustration at the ineptitude of foreign domestic workers in the Kingdom.

“They are clueless; they don’t know basic cleaning methods,” said Lamya Hammad, a stay-at-home-mother. “As soon as we receive a new maid, I know I will have to spend at least three months teaching her how to clean and cook. I sometimes wonder how she’s even called a maid when she doesn’t know how to be one,” she added.

Fortunately, a charitable fund has been established to provide disadvantaged women like Lamya with more experienced maids to train the new maids, so Lamya and others like her can spend a more appropriate amount of time at the mall.


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