Australian Inmates Caught Breaking into Jail

No more parties for a while. Photo: John McAllister

The city of Darwin in Australia’s far North is a bit different. Named after Charles Darwin, a really smart guy whose life’s work would ultimately lead to the creation of the Darwin Awards (honouring those who protect the human gene pool by removing themselves from it in wonderfully idiotic ways), Australia’s smallest capital city has survived Japanese air raids and complete annihilation by cyclone, and flourished. Half way between Sydney and Singapore, the people of Darwin are a disarmingly friendly bunch of bogans and almost criminally laid back.

It was in typical local style then that a few of Darwin’s own laid back criminals were caught recently breaking into jail. Apparently this had been going on for a while but nobody had noticed because, well… it’s Darwin.

At least four inmates of the minimum security facility had been breaking out at night to get drunk and stoned and party with their girlfriends, before sensibly breaking back in during the early hours, reported Australian media. They were finally thwarted though after someone at the jail decided to do a head count. When the number of heads was again deemed correct, prison authorities noticed that those previously unaccounted for had in their possession several mobile phones, a quantity of a “green leafy substance”, and happened to be drunk.

The prisoners were transferred to the maximum security wing. Charges will be laid against the inmates, but police first have to figure out what those charges will be exactly and, considering the prisoners kept returning to jail, “…determine what constitutes an escape”.

Sometimes I miss Australia.


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