South Korean Christian Webpage Unintentionally Links to…

Back in Seoul my colleagues and I were often perplexed by the Koreans’ insistence on producing their own English language copy, for menus, brochures, humourously baffling motivational phrases on various walls and billboards… without ever thinking to briefly consult one of the dozens of native speakers who happened to be standing nearby.

Personally, on the few occasions I needed to create a document in hangul, I always enlisted the help of a Korean (rather than an American neighbour with a seemingly better grip on the language than my other foreign friends). It just seemed logical. Logic is a funny concept though, and more subjective than many might think.

The English press in South Korea (and not only South Korea) is well known for hilariously reprinting satirical articles from such sites as The Onion. I’ve had a bit of fun in the past lampooning certain mainstream publications who, for example, published English language articles entitled ‘Kim Jong-un Named Sexiest Man Alive for 2012‘ and ‘Alien Spaceships to Attack Earth in November!‘ (in fairness, satirical articles are frequently cited as such, but only in the Korean versions – for reasons unknown to me). Why are these things reprinted at all? It’s just clickbait, cheap and lazy. Still,

Anyway, recently I noticed that an English-language Christian webpage (written by a Chinese woman) has linked her page on the education website Glogster to… well, me. It’s a brief and well-meaning, if awkwardly written page about Christianity in Korea.

Relatively speaking, this actually isn't too bad.
Relatively speaking, this actually isn’t too bad.                       Screentake:

What Ms Zheng failed to notice however, when linking her post entitled ‘South Korean Cultures: Religion—Christianity‘ to my post entitled ‘Do You Know the Jesus?‘ was the fact that my post was about strategies on how to avoid Christian preachers in South Korea. These days though, with such chronic, pandemic shortages of attention span, these little lapses just don’t seem to matter.

So here’s a funny photo (don’t mess with Korean Jesus).

Photo spotted on OinK (Only in Korea)
Photo spotted on OinK (Only in Korea)


  1. Thank you for posting this great photo. For my own research, I was wondering if you knew where this crucifix is. I’d love to see the full text on the cross.

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