Robot Grabs and Kills Factory Worker: It Has Begun

Well, it has finally happened.

I often start with a joke, but I’m not going to take an easy free swing at German engineering and efficiency. Perhaps if I was in the field of developing killer robots I’d talk with Germany before say, New Zealand, but that’s not the point.

At a Volkswagen plant just North of Frankfurt a worker has been reported to have been “grabbed” and killed by a robot. The man’s death occurred on June 29. The deceased was 22 years old.

What strikes me as really scary about the initial reportage of this tragedy isn’t that a robot apparently killed a dude, which is scary enough, but that the tone of the piece immediately jumps to the defense of the robot. That’s crazy scary.

Those machines build the cars, and all manner of things… faster, and more precisely and cost effectively than we humans ever could. It’s no wonder the corporations will rush to defend their mistakenly murderous minions.

Here’s the 150-odd word article from The Guardian.

Is it just me? Surely others have quietly thought about the possible, catastrophic eventualities resulting from the continual upholding of Moore’s Law… or maybe some people have perhaps watched some movies during the last 30 years.


Ah… apparently some people actually have been watching movies, and what’s being discussed by millions on twitter right now is not the value of a human life at the hands of a robot. It’s the fact that someone named Sarah O’Connor, who apparently did not see the Terminator movies, tweeted about it.

Jeebus, we’re fucked.

All is well. Resume normal programming.


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