Buzz Aldrin’s Doctor was David Bowie

This morning I woke up to a Facebook post from an old friend of mine, whose father-in-law is caring for Buzz Aldrin in Christchurch Hospital. It’s probably not unusual for an 87-year-old to visit the doctor, except Aldrin is kinda famous and all, and happened to fall ill while on an expedition to the South Pole (personally, if I’d gone to the moon, I’d probably relax and take it easy after that).

Buzz Aldrin in 1969 Photo: Getty Images
Buzz Aldrin in 1969
Photo: Getty Images

Of course, while it would be cool as a doctor to have a famous patient (especially considering Mr Aldrin is reportedly doing well and will be released from hospital soon), none of this is particularly worthy of global attention except for the fact that the good doctor happens to be Dr David Bowie.


Ah, New Zealand. 2016 seems to have been a pretty crap year here on our silly planet, but the Kiwis (not without their own adversities to face) somehow keep bringing the gold.


  1. He really is a wonderful father-in-law, and New Zealand is a pretty cool place to live. Our Prime Minister resigned this week (apparently his wife made him). But, all is good considering we have David Bowie looking after us and we also have bloody amazing chocolate milk!

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