Bride Rejects Groom at Alter… Marries other Stranger Instead

Young brides in the Bihar region of India are becoming increasingly brazen, refusing to marry their arranged partners because of low education, inappropriate attire, misconduct with wedding guests, and other “ludicrous” reasons, Dubai’s Gulf News has reported.

Screenshot: Gulf News, April 23, 2017
Screenshot: Gulf News, April 23, 2017

One such recent instance occurred upon the arrival of the groom and his wedding party, ostensibly as they were not accompanied by a DJ. The bride could not be swayed to continue the ceremony and all hell broke loose. Naturally, the bride’s family swung into action, scouring the wedding hall for a “suitable boy” replacement.

Such an individual was selected, and after the heated 12-hour stand-off/negotiation process between the families, Jitendra Kumar, a stranger who was in attendance for some reason, agreed to marry the girl who by this stage was probably too tired to dance anyway.

The ceremony was completed amid no reported casualties. The ages of the bride and her suitable boy/husband were undisclosed.

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