North Korean Video Reveals Terrifying Plan, Hilarious CGI…

North Korea, the Little Dictatorship That Could, has been punching above its weight again and dominating the headlines… no mean feat considering the western column inches now exclusively devoted to the Orange Oligarch’s bewilderingly random twitter tirades. Of course, the Child-in-Chief has been central to the NorK’s bellicose rhetorical retaliation but… who, with any knowledge at all about the Korean peninsula, would expect otherwise?

The news has us worried about Kim III and his threats, and his country’s rapid nuclear expansion. After all, it was only about a year ago when American commentators were warning that the North Korean issue would have to be dealt with, as they were only ten or fifteen years from having the bomb. And… here they are.

North Korean hackers are also now accused of attempting to steal bitcoin, which is impressive in a country with no internet.

They’re a dangerous bunch, and so… watch with fear, this recent North Korean propaganda video, and wonder… maybe, might these fearsome nuclear terrorists and hackers have some friends, or cousins, or know someone who might be able to do some decent CGI?


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  1. I regret Stewart how you dare to refer to my country as an oligarchy. As a matter of fact you should be very thankful for all of the American gentlemen who spilled their blood in the Soloman Campaign dying for your country. The last thing we are at this time is an oligarchy. I know it is hard to digest to a socialist like you. But the majority of the states in the USA actually elected Mr. Trump. That does not make him an oligarch. Actually, that makes him the president of a republic.Keep steering your republic to the left. I am sure you will be very prosperous!

    • G’day Shane my old mate, and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. It’s true that, politically speaking, you and I will have to agree to disagree here and there. A couple of things though… I didn’t call your country an oligarchy. I mentioned one person, and that was just a bit of alliteration that tickled me at the time. As a media observer and satirist (and yes, sometimes things hit and sometimes they miss) I write largely to entertain. I write serious pieces occasionally too, and this wasn’t one of them. This post wasn’t about America at all. It was about North Korea (having already surprised the world with their rapid nuclear expansion) and their wonderfully awful attempts at CGI which would have raised eyebrows in the 80’s. Personally, I would have thought it would be easier to make a Michael Bay film than perfect a nuclear warhead… but I’m no expert.

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