Korean Rape Culture? That doesn’t sound Great


News out of Korea suggests that the #MeToo movement, which spread virally in October, 2017, has reached the peninsula, meaning that a worryingly large number of middle-aged Korean men are in danger of being held accountable for their rapey behaviour.

Korean men may face the very real challenge of learning about new-fangled concepts, like consent, as Korean women, it seems, have decided that they’re actually not big fans of rape.

The idea that Korea’s rape culture might be somewhat problematic is not new, but increasingly under the media spotlight of late, and kinda proven by the existence of headlines like today’s Korea’s Rape Culture Under Attack, from the Korea Times. A quick look at today’s Korea Herald confirms that, for whatever reason, Korean women have indeed recently decided that all of this “sexual misconduct” and whatnot just isn’t really fun anymore, as evidenced by five of the day’s top ten articles.



Even in schools the Me Too movement is taking hold, suggesting that increasing numbers of young Korean women are of the belief that you’re never too young to not get molested.


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