The Khashoggi Problem

In September 2001, nineteen terrorists hijacked four American passenger planes. Fifteen of the hijackers were Saudi Arabians (the other four being from UAE (2), Egypt and Lebanon). We all know what happened that day. Two of the planes hit two buildings in New York, and three buildings collapsed. 3,000 people were killed.

Payback was swift and merciless. Commencing Operation Enduring Freedom (the “official” name of the global War of on Terror) America invaded Afghanistan. Then, a bit later, America invaded Iraq. Those Saudi terrorists sure learned their lesson.

Seventeen years later…

In October 2018, fifteen Saudi assassins flew to Istanbul, murdered an American resident (Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi), dismembered his body, then returned to Saudi Arabia the same day.

Though the assassination took place inside the Saudi consulate (generally a pretty secure place, one would imagine),  and footage of a cleaning crew arriving at the scene before investigators, footage of a lookalike wearing Khashoggi’s clothes out of the building, reports of freshly painted walls at the scene, and the fact that one of the visiting Saudis brought a BONE SAW for the occasion… well…

President Donald Trump continues failing to hold Saudi leadership (meaning Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman) accountable for the assassination. Saudi spokesmen have released a number of ridiculous and contradictory statements, including that Khashoggi’s death was the accidental result of an interrogation gone wrong, and that he died in a fistfight. As a friend of mine pointed out… ‘you don’t take fists to a bone saw fight’.

Trump has also made ludicrous statements, suggesting that perhaps Khashoggi was murdered by “rogue killers” (in an obviously rogue consulate, then attended by a rogue cleaning crew, rogue painters, etc.). Trump (and other republicans) have also repeatedly stressed that there is lot of money at stake here, such as a US$100 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia, so the Saudis can continue their unreported annihilation of Yemen (Yemen never invaded anything).

Trump demands answers though. Oh, but he accepts the Saudi government’s official denial of having orchestrated the hit on Khashoggi. The reasoning goes like this. The only way to know with certainty would be if the Saudi Crown Prince made a personal admission that he ordered Khashoggi’s death… and this is not going to happen. Therefore Trump must simply take him on his word, just as with Putin and Kim Jong Un.

Now, watch America take revenge on Saudi Arabian terrorism, again, by invading Iran.

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