News Journalism: Omani Style

If by chance you are unaware of current events in Oman (a neutral and peaceful nation bordering Saudi Arabia, UAE and Yemen), please take this two minutes. Having previously resided in the Sultanate for three years, I continue to follow the news daily. It doesn’t take long. Journalism emanating from Oman generally concerns the weather (it’s hot again), or road closures (the road is closed).

Yesterday however, the Times of Oman published details of an important governmental meeting, presided over by His Majesty, Sultan Qaboos bin Said, arguably the world’s most benevolent and beloved authoritarian ruler.

Any actual detail in the details is absent from the 22-word article (six of which being the Sultan’s name), but Times of Oman also published this informative video. Don’t mind the first eleven seconds, which naturally are in Arabic.

Warning: there are subtle differences in reporting styles, between Islamic and western nations.

I think it’s safe to say, we’ve all learned nothing from this. From here though, back in the world of Fox News, CNN and ever-screaming heads… I miss Oman sometimes.


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